We don’t like it when our clients aren’t happy. But you have our word that we’ll do everything we can to get to the bottom of things and put things right where we need to. This is how we look into complaints – it’s a  procedure that follows governing guidelines.

Our charging policy; is that client's fees are taken just before the time of service. To make care more affordable we offer a discount for pre-payment packs of sessions which can be used toward's care for you and any family member. Any pre-paid packs expire after 1 year.

Interruption of care. As discussed in your report of finding's we would like to remind you that you have the right to change your mind about your care at anytime. If you want to discontinue your care and you have prepaid for a pack of checks/adjustments then the remaining credit will be refunded on the account you paid with initially within 5 - 10 working days. 

Our Service Guarantee; Although results can not be guaranteed and do vary from case to case. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations with the service you receive, and if in the rare event we fail to do so, we actively encourage you to let us know immediately so the situation can be rectified. What we value above all else is your satisfaction and delight with our service. As such, whilst thankfully it is rarely required, we wish to take this opportunity to outline our procedure to address any concerns or complaints you may have in the future. We advise that you maintain a copy of this information with all other paperwork we provide. 

Our complaints procedure; involves 4 stages. Should the first stage fail to resolve your complaint, you will be referred to the next stage. 

  1. In order to fully investigate your complaint we will ask you to address your concerns in writing as an attached document in email to the Front of house Client experience Team.
    The Client experience team will then send you our complaints procedure leaflet of what to expect in terms of time frames for each stage. They with the Chiropractor you have seen will attempt to address the issue to your complete satisfaction within 30 working days. 

  2. If the front of house client experience team are unable to deal with your complaint they will refer this to the practice manager and director level who will further investigate this matter and write another response to you within 56 days. 

  3. If a satisfactory outcome is not available via these avenues, we will direct your concerns to our professional association – The United Chiropractic Association. The UCA can be contacted by writing to the ‘Peer and Ethics Committee’ at Unit 57 Basepoint Centre, Metcalf Way, Crawley, RH11 7XX or by telephone on 01293 817175. 
    With these 3 stages, if the complaint is upheld by you, consideration will be given to redress your concerns. The outcome of any of those 3 stages will be confirmed to you in writing and what we have done or going to do to make it right. 

  4. Finally should the issue not have been resolved via any of these avenues, you have the right to pursue a formal unresolved complaint to the General Chiropractic Council (GCC), the regulatory body of the Chiropractic Profession at Park house, 186 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4BT.