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WHY Life Balance?

A systemised approach to find out why you have the pain and what can be done to help you. 

Here are some reasons we get 4.8 out of 5 stars!

Nicola Said

I’ve had chiropractic treatment once before, for a slipped disc. I didn’t realise how much it could help with physical ‘niggles’ (stiff back, achy knees, sore feet) and keep my body resilient. After 3 weeks of twice weekly adjustments I am in the middle of a huge house move, and normally by now I’d be stiff and not very capable of all the lifting and packing I’m doing. Instead I feel open and loose in my body and mind. My back is behaving beautifully. I feel like somebody that has never had physical limitations, and I’m 61! So I’d recommend Life Balance not just for acute injury but also as an essential rebalancing to give back full use of your body.

Ralph Said

Recommended by a friend and glad I went - Josh is very knowledgeable and the first chiropractor who explained the core issue. Always welcoming & friendly with the rest of the team on arrival. Mid-treatment and going well, great practice





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